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eSolutions Orders/Quotes Terms and Conditions

All orders/quotes are subject to prior sale and final review of terms and conditions upon order/quote submission. Actual lead times may vary upon order placement. Quote validity is 60 days unless otherwise noted. Each order is subject to a $50 line minimum and a $250 PO minimum.

All orders/quotes are contingent on any order or award resulting from it not being subject to flowdown of US Govt. purchasing regulations (i.e. FARs, DFARs, ALADs). Derco reserves the right to re-price this quote or disclaim its validity.

Annual Compliance Assurance Certification will be required at the time of order (if not already on file with Derco Aerospace, Inc.)

Any necessary Quality Codes or Requirements maintained on your website shall be explicitly referenced on your order. Derco personnel will not review referenced websites unless specific Quality Codes or Requirements are referenced.

FN - LMH = Part is factory new with Lockheed Hologram. Unless a part is identified as a Lockheed Hologram part on the above quotation, Derco is certifying the part as military only.

Click here for a listing of Derco Aerospace Inc /Derco Repair Services Inc Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales.

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